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An Ethical Marketing Company

In our journey to brand and market clientele, we realized there are a hundred ways to tell the same story. Evil can be framed as good, and marketers can cash out big by triggering the most base human desires. Media is shaping society, culture, and the path we walk as a civilization. As an ethical marketing company, it is imperative that we use our talents and technology for the betterment of society. We find ourselves in an uncommon position of strength —  we can pick and choose clients who promote the values we believe in.

Here at Digital Influence, we do more than promote sales. We promote fellow mankind.

Highly Unique & Sniper-Like Social Engagement

Mass Data Mining

We start by compiling a list of millions of social media accounts which are probable to be within your target market.

SEAL Sniper Targeting

From the database of accounts gathered, we then selectively thin down the list by cross-matching certain criteria. What’s left is a list of social media accounts interested in your niche exactly within your target demographic.

Personal Engagement

Following the data collection and qualifying phases, we use your brand’s social media accounts to engage with the target market in a very personalized and intimate way.

Brilliant Branding for Brilliant People

Brands are People

We believe the people make the brand, not the other way around. When rebranding a firm, we identify the core values of the people behind the company and frame it with a focus on market positioning,

We A|B your A to Z

Is the logo better in red or blue? Let’s test it. We make extensive use of analytics and metrics to find the most attractive and conversion-friendly fit for the marketplace. Though cumbersome, A|B testing adds power to your brand.

Brands at Work

After crafting a tested, verified and powerful face to your company, we put it to work. Your brand, style, and shared mindset must permeate throughout everything you do — from Instagram Stories to offline promotions.

Influencer Marketing (with a twist)

Leveraging Game Theory

When designing major campaigns, we plan and test messages, graphics, and promotional offerings by reverse engineering actions and incentives from the standpoint of the end user.

Aim Small Miss Small

We work with large numbers of micro-influencers with niche-specific and captivated audiences boasting high engagement rates. This empowers both conversions and your dollar.

Positive Feedback Loops

We engineer positive feedback loops to incentivize sharing through the user’s network on a viral scale. These are the Rube Goldberg machines of viral growth in the online world.

Unorthodox Methods, Unorthodox Results

Creativity backed by seasoned execution is enough to tackle any challenge. At Digital Influence, we specialize in out-of-the-box approaches which are then 10X’d for unique campaigns of massive proportions. All of our strategic marketing plans are tailored solely for your brand and maximum success within your market.

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Our Services

New Age Marketing
  • Developing expert marketing plans built for the new age
  • Extensive use of new and innovative methods and techniques unique to this firm
  • Brand awareness and new product launches
  • Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) methods
  • Developing creative concepts for ads and campaigns
  • Producing advertising material for all mediums
  • Video production and alternative media campaigns
  • Truly unorthodox and outside-of-the-box marketing solutions
Web Design
  • Building eye-appealing, clean, professional and sleek websites
  • Optimizing sites for mobile and other platforms
  • Developing site plans and navigation flowcharts
  • Researching and writing content (using world-class copywriting techniques)
  • Designing visually-appealing graphics
  • Optimizing websites for search engines and other directories
  • Building using content management systems (Drupal, Tao, WordPress)
  • Providing hosting, domain, and analytics
  • Website certificates and secure HTTP
  • Establish and maintaining brand presence
  • Distinguishing brand personality
  • Telling your brand’s story and fundamental message
  • Designing the brand’s elements, such as logo, name, taglines, fonts, and other graphics
  • Original illustrations and vector art
  • Logos and graphics
  • Original and stock photos
  • Graphic standards and branding manuals
  • Signs, brochures, posters and print materials
  • Promotions and ad design
  • Exhibit and trade show design
  • Website and social media design
Social Media
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Determining your brand’s most suitable platforms
  • Setting up and monitoring your sites on a daily basis
  • Creating posts and updating your accounts
  • Creating and managing your social connections
  • Promoting your organization
  • Keeping you informed on advances in social media
  • Creating an editorial and master calendar
  • Monitoring and reporting activity on your sites
  • Surveys and focus groups
  • Online/internet research and investigation
  • One-on-one and person-on-the-street interviews
  • Customer and employee satisfaction surveys
  • Mystery shopper studies
  • Needs assessment and product evaluation solutions
Strategy & Sales
  • Creating strategic marketing plans
  • Developing mission, vision and values statements
  • Establishing goals, objective and action plans
  • Building communications plans
  • Funnel and sales pipeline planning and execution
  • Landing page and conversion expertise

Exclusive Influence Techniques

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An International Firm, Just Down The Block

Though we now do business in 3 cities (NYC, London, and Milan), we do so through native representatives who know the culture and the local ways of doing business. Whether it’s across the Atlantic or across the street – you can find a friendly face on our team just about anywhere. We’ll check in with you in person from week to week, become a regular at your firm, and develop personal relationships which extend far beyond the rituals of business etiquette. Looking our customers in the eyes and finalizing a deal with our solemn word and a firm handshake beats out virtual signatures and server pings any day of the week. 

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